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Inner Peace Tip #9 – How Do You Maintain Inner Peace, Calm and Sanity When Facing a Terminal Disease or When a Loved One Is Facing This Diagnosis?

I have tremendous compassion and empathy for anyone having to face a terminal disease or who has a loved one facing this diagnosis.  First and foremost, it’s important to understand how anything but inner peace can exasperate and even accelerate disease. If you’re supporting a loved one, your added stress can be contagious too. Instead, this… Read more »

Inner Peace and the 7 Keys to Profound Happiness – #1 Weekly Check-Ups

Some days my happiness quotient feels like it’s sailing off the charts.  Maybe it seems I’m always rather cheerful.  Trust me, I’ve ridden my share of emotional roller coasters.  I’ve prided myself in being “very human,” which — in my mind — meant feeling every human emotion. But, maybe my husband is right.  Maybe HAPPINESS IS… Read more »

Holiday Inner Peace – Gratitude

This week, gratitude is the perfect emotion to adopt. Gratitude is a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. Appreciation and gratitude are interchangeable. In gratitude there is acceptance, love and acknowledgment of “what is”. In gratitude, there is spaciousness and connectedness. APPLICATION – Appreciate the moment. Appreciate your strengths and weaknesses. Appreciate who you are, a… Read more »

Holiday Inner Peace – Being Calm in the Eye of the Storm – 6 Keys

Yes, the holidays are around the corner!  Your life is going reasonably well.  You’re focused, “on track” and feeling centered…yet all of a sudden your workload triples, an employee leaves, or a significant person in your life becomes emotionally distraught, or perhaps a death or illness surprises the family.  And, children offer unpredictable challenges too…. Read more »

Adopt-an-Emotional Muscle: COMPASSION

How can you respond “at the highest energetic level” when someone is frustrating you? Hurting you? Being difficult or pissing you off? The answer is….with “compassion.” That is, of course, if you value your inner peace. Compassion means “understanding” and “accepting” where another person is emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually. With greater understanding and acceptance… Read more »