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Body For Life: 90 Days to Transformation

How would you like to transform your body in just 90 Days? Wouldn’t it be nice to KNOW exactly what kind of results you could realize if you followed this program? Body For Life is the only program I’ve seen consistently deliver dramatic results to people of all ages, shapes and sizes. There are countless… Read more »

Best Life: Veggie Smoothies – The Breakfast of Champions

Veggie Smoothies? I know. It doesn’t sound instantly appealing. But, it does scream, “healthy, healthy, healthy!”, doesn’t it? I stumbled upon veggie smoothies through the fabulous world of social media. One day, while recovering from a minor surgery, I asked my Twitter friends what the best vegetables were to juice to help me heal more… Read more »

Best Life: New Year Creation – Process #4

Over the last week, we’ve been talking about ways to “emotionally connect” with your vision.  We talked about Treasure Mapping, writing your visions and visualizations. Today we’re focusing on… Process #4 – FINDING A THEME What is your theme for the New Year 2009? This is not about your resolutions or specific goals with “do by”… Read more »

Best Life: New Year Creation – Process #3

On Friday, I talked about writing your visions onto paper in a very descriptive way, usually language that allows you to “emotionally connect” with your vision. Remember, the most important element in crystallizing your vision is finding a medium that allows you to connect “emotionally” to your vision. Today we’re focusing on… Process #3 –… Read more »

Best Life: New Year Creation – Process #2

On Tuesday, I talked about one way to emotionally connect to your vision by creating a Treasure Map or Vision Board. To learn more about creating your own Vision Board, go to and/or order the Vision Board book by Joyce Schwartz.  It’ll give you loads of inspiring ideas. Remember, the most important element in… Read more »

Best Life: New Year Creation with Treasure Mapping

This week I’m offering four related processes for a clarifying your 2009 vision. Since each of us is wired differently, it’s useful to find the most effective visioning strategy for you. Some people LOVE to write goals, others avoid the process. Some love details, while others are big picture people. Some people LOVE visualizations, and yet others… Read more »

Best Life: Mary’s Favorite Spiritual and Personal Growth & Development Books

One of my dear friends created a list of books she’s enjoyed reading and received a lot of value from.  She asked several of us to do the same and will be putting together a comprehensive list of our favorite spiritual and personal growth and development books. Here’s my list.  These aren’t in any particular… Read more »