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Inner Peace with Integrity as Catalyst

Integrity has always been one of the qualities I admire and respect most in others.  The definition of integrity is: The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness. Simply put, someone who lives in integrity honors their personal values – actions and choices align with an internal code. There is nothing inside that… Read more »

Inner Peace with New Year Creation

Below are four related processes for a clarifying your 2011 vision.  Since each of us is wired differently, it’s useful to find the most effective visioning strategy for you.  Some people LOVE to write goals, others avoid the process. Some love details, while others are big picture people. Some people LOVE visualizations, and yet others… Read more »

Inner Peace with Balance

There’s a buzz word these days.  It seems that everyone is always striving toward that elusive ideal of BALANCE.  Can you really achieve balance?  The dictionary defines balance as… A state of equilibrium or parity characterized by cancellation of all forces by equal opposing forces. A harmonious or satisfying arrangement or proportion of parts or… Read more »

The Power of Choice

CHOICE – We are ALWAYS at CHOICE. Sounds simple. For many things, this is an easy and empowering concept to embrace. Someone asks you out to dinner. Do you really want to go? You decide “yes” or “no”. You’re at choice. Someone asks you to do something you DON’T want to do. Again, you’re at… Read more »

The Power of Acknowledgment and Appreciation

The Power of Acknowledgment and Appreciation With our upcoming United States holiday of Thanksgiving coming up this week, I thought it would be appropriate for us to remember the power of acknowledgement and appreciation. Whether you are male or female, young or old … confidant or insecure, everyone LOVES to be appreciated and acknowledged.  Loves… Read more »

Inner Peace Timeouts

You set big goals for yourself. Yet, you’re equally committed to a peaceful inner world. Is it possible to have BOTH? And, if it is…what allows you to keep inspiration and productivity high along the way? There are several keys…however, Simply put…INNER PEACE TIMEOUTS. An Inner Peace Timeout is a fancy way of saying —… Read more »

Inner Peace and Love – The 5 Love Languages

People express and receive love in different ways.  Dr. Gary Chapman identifies these as “the five languages of love”. 1.  Quality Time – Attention, quality conversation, time spent together doing something meaningful or enjoyable. Time is Love.  Attention is love. 2.  Words of Affirmation – “You are beautiful”.  Words of acknowledgment, encouragement, or appreciation.  “You… Read more »

Holiday Inner Peace – 7 Effective Ways to Boost Your Energy, WITHOUT CAFFEINE

Do you get an energy slump in the afternoon?  Are you relying on caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea and soda to “pick-you-up”?  What if you could zip up your energy naturally and effectively? One of my favorite clients once came to our call to explore alternative ways to tackle the mid-afternoon energy droops.  Finding three… Read more »

Personal Growth Book Review: The Power of Inner Choice by Mary Allen

Name of Book:     The Power of Inner Choice Author:      Mary E. Allen, MCC Publisher and Date of Publication:     Personhood Press, 2005 By: Randee Bowder 1. What did you learn? One of the topics early on in the book is “The compounding effect of choice.” I am familiar with the concept of compounding… Read more »