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The Magic of Commitment

Commitment has always been a HEAVY word to me.  It tampers with my sense of freedom, and always seemed to limit my choices in life.  Yet, I’ve come to experience the magic and power of “commitment”, as it brings focus, energy, resources and a different kind of freedom. COMMITMENT: The state of being bound emotionally… Read more »

Move 21 Items to Get Energy Moving

Feeling stuck? In a holding pattern in your work, health or relationships? Are you ready to “stir up the energy” and create some momentum? Here’s a simple assignment that will help you “unclog” or free up stuck…and get the energy moving in your life. SOULFUL CHALLENGE: Move 21 Items in your home or office. That’s it…. Read more »

The Importance of Celebration

Have you ever achieved an important goal or dream, yet quickly moved on to the next task?  Or maybe you boldly took a risk, yet your performance didn’t meet your expectations or others?  Or maybe the perfectionist in you felt the accomplishment wasn’t big enough or worthy of celebration?  Do you generously celebrate your wins?… Read more »

Best Life: New Year Creation 2012

Below are five related processes for a clarifying your 2012 vision.  Since each of us is wired differently, it’s useful to find the most effective visioning strategy for you.  Some people LOVE to write goals, others avoid the process. Some love details, while others are bottom-line. Some people LOVE visualizations, and yet others do best… Read more »

Inner Peace Moments: Special Days

We have birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays to celebrate.  But, wouldn’t it be nice to be honored on just an “ordinary” day?  It’s fun to GIVE, and it’s fun to RECEIVE.  The Mullin Family created a unique way to do this.  Last week happened to be Jim’s “special day.”    Here’s how it works.  First off,… Read more »

Law of Attraction and Creating Your Best Life

by Eva Gregory The Laws Of Attraction are: 1. The Law Of Attraction 2. The Law Of Deliberate Creation 3. The Law Of Allowing 1. The Law Of Attraction This is the first and most fundamental of the Laws Of Attraction. Are you aware of what a powerful creator you are? Do you know that… Read more »

Depressed or Depleted?

Assessing and Restoring Yourself Back to Life. In today’s world, depression is often thrown about casually.  As a coach, it’s a subject known to peep its head into conversations from time to time.  Recently, on a special coaching ethics call, author, therapist and well-known life coach Patrick Williams (author of Law and Ethics in Coaching:… Read more »

9 Ways to Create More Energy in Your Life By Eliminating Tolerations

Wish you could double the amount of energy and time you have in a day? Ever feel sluggish and bogged down, finding it difficult keep sanity and success soaring? If you’re ready to feel more energized, creative and productive, then today’s feature is for you.  You’re about to learn one of the best-kept secrets to… Read more »

Inner Peace through Travel, with Lainie Liberti

Inner Peace, experienced through long term-travel.   My 12-year-old son and I have been traveling non-stop for close to two years.  To the ordinary person, this statement may sound stressful, but I assure you, it’s quite the contrary experience. Living the life of a ‘slow traveler,’ is how I actually found my inner peace. Let… Read more »