Body For Life: 90 Days to Transformation

How would you like to transform your body in just 90 Days? Wouldn’t it be nice to KNOW exactly what kind of results you could realize if you followed this program? Body For Life is the only program I’ve seen consistently deliver dramatic results to people of all ages, shapes and sizes. There are countless “before and after” pictures to prove it. For years, the company has been hosting contests with cash prizes of up to $100,000 (I believe the last contest is actually this Fall, but there is still time to register if you move quickly.)

Several years ago (OMG, 9 to be exact!), I was inspired to do the program for the first time after TWO people I knew showed me their “before” and “after” photos. As it turned out, my friend Artemis won her age group in 2000 — and a check for $25,000! (If you ever think photos are doctored, think again…I know these people personally!)

In 90 DAYS…”Before and After”


Click HERE to read more about Artemis’s story.

My personal experience was also rewarding. Fitting into pants previously snug, definition in my arms, abs and legs, 10+ pounds off the scales, and a slew of compliments.  I can point to another dozen friends who’ve experienced great results as well…in part because the program is EASY to follow. For years, I followed the program to stay fit…and it worked like a charm!

About 3 years ago, I backed off my normal routine when doctors suggested it would be “better” if we were trying to get pregnant. Walking at the beach and yoga twice a week became the new exercise program. Even with our “pretty good” eating regime, the “compounding effect of choice” of less rigorous exercise began revealing itself with extra pounds and unwanted added “softness.” You know what I mean, right?

It was time for another round of Body For Life.

So, I got myself psyched up. I picked up a copy of Body for Life for Women, The Body for Life Journal (to document my workouts and food intake) and loaded up on healthy protein bars and protein powder. Most importantly, I envisioned myself visiting the YMCA six days a week, as I adjusted my food choices…quantity, quality and frequency.

Fortunately, my husband was also ready to up the ante in the fitness department, so he joined me. (Doing the program with a partner or friend helps keep the focus strong.)

Today, I’m on Day 33 of the Body for Life program, and already I’m noticing things toning up (though the real results don’t start kicking in until the last 4 weeks of the program). A couple of my favorite colleagues also decided to join in the transformation. Both Eva Gregory and Colleen McGunnigle have begun their own 90 Day journeys, and we’re cheering each other on via Twitter and Facebook.

The 90 Day Program

The 90 Day Program consists of cardio and weight workouts, eating 5 meals a day, and drinking a gallon of water daily. You even get one FREE DAY each week. The book outlines the program in detail, and is an EASY read.

This go round I’ve used the guidelines of Body for Life for Women, which calls for a little more cardio and has room for more treats (they call Mini Chills). To keep me on track, I’ve created stickers, and put them at the bottom of each Body for Life Success Journal page to track my Veggie, Calcium and Water intake (Lordy, I sure am visiting the bathroom A LOT, but it’s KEY to the transformation. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.)

I created another sticker (secondary use for Avery labels) to track my Smart Proteins, Smart Carbs and Smart Fats. It’s keeping me honest and on track. Plus, who doesn’t like to get lots of checkmarks?


Would you like to shed some unwanted “softness,” tone up those muscles and transform your body in just 90 Days, I invite you to join me, Eva and Colleen. We’re here to cheer you on and share our favorite tips. Need more inspiration? Visit and see all the “before and after” photos. This program works!

If you’re feeling “ready” to transform your body, have questions about working the program or just want some encouragement to “go for it” — visit my blog and leave a comment:


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One Response to “Body For Life: 90 Days to Transformation”

  1. Col McGunnigle

    Mary, guess what? Something super-funny just happened to me … I’ve been doing pretty well with keeping on track but fell off the wagon yesterday and the day before. Not majorly (no brownie sundaes or anything 😉 but I was working with concentrated day & night sort of effort and wasn’t taking the time to eat properly.

    Meaning no veggies whatsoever, protein bars for breakfast, lunch and dinner and no workouts of any kind. One’a those “I don’t have time” things. One of those “I don’t have time” lies, I should say. 😉

    Well, curiosity got the better of me after that so I hopped on the scale and guess what? I was actually 3 pounds lighter. Some sort of magic has already begun! Yahoo!

    Lots of love and gratitude for inspiring me to re-adopt healthy habits,


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