Personal Achievement or Spiritual Evolution: Can you have BOTH? Take charge or let go?

In the world of personal development, there seem to be two distinct camps.  Both approaches seem to lead to the same thing — happiness and INNER PEACE.  Is one approach, more effective than the other?  How can we make sense of the sometimes contradicting approaches? The Camp of Achievement First is the goal-oriented, achievement-based, power-filled doctrine. … Read more »

Being with “Uncertainty”

When it comes to maximizing one’s “inner peace quotient,” it’s essential to learn how to “be with” those aspects of life which are most challenging. We must learn to “be with” disappointing others, being judged, imperfection, chaos, another rejecting us, a lengthy to-do list, unmet goals, unconsciousness, weakness, time, mistakes, suffering and UNCERTAINTY. Most human… Read more »

Inner Peace, Spiritual Awakening & Coming Out of the Closet

So, it’s true.  I’m coming out of the closet (again!) No, no, no, I’m NOT leaving John for a woman…I’m coming out of the closet (again) — in a different way. Here’s what happened…10 years ago, I had an experience that changed my life forever — giving me access to an inner peace I’d never… Read more »

[Inner Peace Video] Thanksgiving Song

“Grateful for each hand we hold, gathered round this table.” This touching song from Mary Chapin Carpenter captures the spirit of gratitude and togetherness of the Thanksgiving holiday.  It’s the perfect pre-Thanksgiving warm-up 🙂 Watch – Thanksgiving Song – Mary Chapin Carpenter >> If you like this video clip, I encourage you to Share it… Read more »

Finding Inner Peace in a Busy World

On Saturday at a dinner party a friend said, “Yeah, how do you find inner peace in the busyness of life?”  This is a challenge facing nearly all my coaching clients — from entrepreneurs to over-committed moms.  Yet, we all want to find inner peace in our busy worlds.  I suggested she read this week’s… Read more »

Inner Peace: Embracing the Shadow Side of Inner Peace & SURVEY

To make sure you eagerly look forward to, read and get the most from my weekly communications helping you find, keep and deepen inner peace, I’d like you to answer 3 questions in this week’s mini inner peace survey.  (Your answers are 100% CONFIDENTIAL.) CLICK HERE – And now for today’s inner peace conversation…. Read more »

Inner Peace Video: Work Right

This hard-hitting movie addresses the importance of EVERYONE and EVERY level contributing to their personal success and the success of their organization. “Just getting by” attitudes and behaviors don’t cut it today’s ever changing world.  Challenge yourself with honesty to see how you’re honoring the 3 keys addressed in “Work Right.” Watch – Work Right >>… Read more »