Awakening: One Way To Remember Who You Are

Holy moly guacamole!  The past several weeks have been intense and transformative on so many levels.  Some of you already know it wasn’t typical “mother of twins” challenges.  I’ll share more details about “what happened” in my next post if you don’t know what I’m referring to.  Today’s topic is about one of the elements… Read more »

Business Coaching: Mindset, Inner Peace and Profits

MINDSET, INNER PEACE and PROFITS by Jeanna Gabellini A couple of years back, I was right in the middle of watching American Idol and my stomach began cramping. I thought it must be a gassy tummy and assumed it’d go away shortly. I was wrong. I barely slept a wink that night because of the intense… Read more »

Spiritual Awakening: Ecstatic Moments of Integration

Have you ever suffered from a migraine headache?  If so, you know the ecstasy that arises when the gripping pain relinquishes control.  In the absence of suffering is an exhilarated sense of aliveness, joy, and peace.  It’s pretty ecstatic! No, I haven’t been suffering from migraines.  I was just looking for a good metaphor to… Read more »

Inner Peace: Busyness, Boundaries and Your Best Life

Have you ever used some version of “I’m SO busy” as an excuse? Let me confess up front, I have.  But just recently, I realized “I’m SO busy” is only partially true.  Yes, the reality is, my life is FULL.  I’m sure your life is too. In an ideal world, our lives are FULL of… Read more »

Best Life: Do little choices really matter?

Do little choices really matter in creating your best life? Absolutely! Most people are familiar with the compounding effect of money, as it’s key to the long-term accumulation of wealth.  Saving a few hundred dollars each month grows into tens of thousands over time.  The principles of compounding also apply in every choice and every… Read more »

Inner Peace: 7 Keys to Beginning Again

Can you believe it’s already February?!  Where did January go?  Poof! Life here is FULL.  How about you?  Personally, I’m in the middle of a website redesign, dusting off and fine-tuning my business focus, and we just spent 10 days in North Carolina with family.  You’d think I’d be rejuvenated after “time away,” but let’s… Read more »

Thoughts – Our Greatest Addiction?!

Every thought we think creates a biochemical response in our bodies. These reactions vary from negligible to intense. Science has known this for some time. If we think about food, our saliva glands may be stimulated. When we think of the person that irritates us most, our bodies constrict and tense up. When we reflect… Read more »

The Hidden Key to Realizing Your Goals

Later this week, we’re flying to North Carolina to visit my father. It’ll be our babies first flight.  Gulp.We’ve already got little gift bags for our seat mates  alerting them that this is the twins first flight and “thanking them in advance for their patience and support.”  Fingers crossed! How many times do you set… Read more »

New Year Creation: Engaging the Senses in your Vision

This is one of my favorite times of the year.  It’s an opportunity for engaging the senses to wipe the slate clean and set fresh and inspiring goals for the New Year.  These are the processes I turn to for my new year creation, to set my clients and myself up for success and inner… Read more »