Best Life: New Year Creation – Process #3

On Friday, I talked about writing your visions onto paper in a very descriptive way, usually language that allows you to “emotionally connect” with your vision.

Remember, the most important element in crystallizing your vision is finding a medium that allows you to connect “emotionally” to your vision.

Today we’re focusing on…


Using the power of your mind to cultivate and embody your vision is a powerful resource.

Once again, the more detail and emotion you can FEEL and bring to life in your body, the more effective it is in eliciting the inspiration, creativity and action necessary to fulfill your goal or dream. Clarifying and identifying the end result and associated feelings and emotions through any of these exercises is useful preparation, and well worth the initial time investment. Spending even a few minutes each day to expand and FEEL your vision being realized is potent.

I remember using this process years ago to attract my ideal relationship.

So, I imagined myself sitting across the dinner table from someone I was very attracted to.  We were enjoying a delicious meal, and having a very connected conversation.  I was feeling so loved, so adored and so cherished.  For about 7 months I spent just a couple minutes each day focusing on this visualization.

Then…in walked Mr. Adoring.  We shared lots of beautiful meals dining out, engaged in lots of conversation.  And, of course, I was very attracted to him.  Everything I’d included in my visualization stepped into my world.

Not exactly sure why visualization works so well, but it does.  If you’re committed to “connecting emotionally” to this vision regularly…you can expect them to show up in your life.  When we ALIGN with our visions…they show up in reality.

For more information about visualizing, I highly recommend, “Creative Visualization” by Shatki Gawain.

Happy Visualizing.

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