Awakening: One Way To Remember Who You Are

Holy moly guacamole!  The past several weeks have been intense and transformative on so many levels.  Some of you already know it wasn’t typical “mother of twins” challenges.  I’ll share more details about “what happened” in my next post if you don’t know what I’m referring to. 

Today’s topic is about one of the elements that helped ignite recent “ecstatic moments of integration” (the topic of a previous article). 

Last Fall, I received a CD from a friend while sharing in a birthday celebration.  Months passed.  Finally, I got inspired to pop the CD into the stereo on March 28th.  Yep, the date is noteworthy.  I immediately enjoyed it. But this was just the beginning.

Later that evening, Shanti was fussing during dinner, so I played it again.  Shanti immediately quieted into peace.  THAT got my attention!

The next morning we enjoyed it during breakfast, then again during dinner on the patio where I had a fun “ecstatic moment of integration.”  Something about the music, the words, and the harmonics was affecting my soul.

The following Monday, I shared the CD with my nanny.  She loved it so much it ended up on autoplay ALL day long!  She’d just broken up with her boyfriend that weekend and found it healing and encouraging. Since then, this CD has been played well over 100+ times…for the babies, for friends, and even John’s business team who dined on our patio. 

For weeks now, I’ve been wanting to share this with you!

I’m talking about Rikka Zimmerman’s CD “Be the Change.”  My babies bop their heads back and forth when they hear it.  They predictably say “Yay!” at the end of each song, and “sign” for MORE! (in Sign Language). Shanti has even started to use the sign “change” during the song “Be the Change” and the sign “thank you” during the song by the same title. 

But, more than my babies loving it… I LOVE it.  And I LOVE the effect it has had on my beingness every single time played.  It’s soothing, inspiring and empowering for the soul, on multiple levels.

When I’m not feeling my best, I play it.  When I want to want to deepen my joy, I play it.  It always meets me where I’m at!

I love to share things that have affected me on a deep level, especially when it effects my inner peace.  I asked Rikka if I could share the lyrics of one of my favorite songs with you.  It’s called “Remember Who You Are.”  She agreed.  The words below are powerful.  AND, they are even more so coupled with Rikka’s angelic voice and extraordinary harmonics.  She generously offered to give you access to download it as a gift.  I’m delighted.

Here’s the LINK:

Here are the words.  Take them in.  Remember who you are.  

Remember Who You Are
By Rikka Zimmerman and Cary Park

When the dark sad storm is setting in
No matter what you try to do to change the wind
Your helplessly engulfed by the falling rain, streaming down your face

In these times this world is tough,
The seas your sailing can be so rough, you’ve had enough.
What if there is a love in you, so pure and true, could carry you?

Remember who you are
The road less traveled, you’ve come so far.
Remember who you are
Remember, remember, remember

Your heart is defended and you’re ready to fight
You’re about to lash out with words as weapons to strike
Give up your swords and shields and lay down the lies.
Remember, remember who you are.

Remember who you are
Be true to your heart, you’ve come so far.
Remember who you are
Remember, remember, remember.

You’ve got the courage
You’ve got the strength
To love in the midst of war.
Keep wearing your heart

Proud for the world to see.
Brighter than diamonds on your sleeve.
Remember who you are, who you are.
Don’t give up now, stay true to your heart.
Remember who you are, who you are.
Remember, remember, remember.

Remember who you are, who you are.
The reason you’re here, you’ve come so far.
Remember who you are, who you are.
Remember, remember, remember.
Remember, remember, remember.
Who you are, stay true to your heart.
Remember Who You Are.
Here’s the link again to download your free MP3 of this song.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

I adore each and every song on the entire CD.  Some of my favorites include “Remember Who You Are”, “Let Yourself Be Loved,” “Love So Much,” and “Beautiful Moment.”  If you’re inspired… get the CD.  Rikka didn’t ask me to promote her CD, and I don’t receive a penny from CD sales, but I’d love for more people to be affected by this extraordinary work of art.  Maybe you’ll be one of them 🙂

Last Friday, I saw Rikka again at another birthday celebration.  Here’s a picture of us 🙂

Awakening: One Way To Remember Who You Are - Rikka & Mary Allen

As another BONUS, Rikka just put together a 30 Second “Self-Love Quiz.

Most people experience at least 1 of 3 main blocks to self-love, and when you take this quiz, you’ll discover which of them has been in the way of you reaching the joyful, loving dream life that is yours for the having!

Take the quiz here — and take advantage of more profound gifts from my dear friend Rikka Zimmerman.

Here’s to your inner peace,


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