Are you fully embracing the ride?

Are you excited about the upcoming holidays? In resistance? Or vacillating somewhere in between?

No doubt there is a transition into the energy of the holidays. It can happen slowly and gradually. Or it can feel like you were pushed into a cold swimming pool, a little shocking at first, but refreshing and enjoyable when you finally surrender to it.

Finding alignment to “what is” is helpful when we value inner peace. And the quicker we do it, the more inner peace we experience.

Last year, I turned the kids’ monthly calendar into an Advent Calendar by adding a fun holiday activity for each day. Seeing their enthusiasm, joy and excitement in response to each simple idea is infectious. As are their smiles.  Don’t you agree?

Maybe they’ll inspire the corners of your mouth to curve up a bit more with joy and welcome the season upon us more fully.


Something as simple as making paper snowflakes, reflecting on favorite Christmas memories or taking in the holiday lights with a walk in your neighborhood can boost the joy factor in minutes!

Today I’m in full on “prep for the holidays” mode, making my lists, shopping online, pulling together a “New Years Family Photo” card and letter (since we haven’t sent one in 3 years!), and otherwise trying to get ahead of the curve.

And I’m guessing you’re in busy, busy mode too, so my feature today is something short, sweet, yet powerful.

Wisdom comes in little soundbites…

One of my current favorite TV series is “This Is Us.” If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a brilliant emotional dramedy about family and their real life struggles and joy, heartbreaks and victories, moments of sweet love and the pain of isolation. There are tears and laughter, and it’s all so human.

I love it because it inspires me to more fully acknowledge and embrace the messiness and imperfection of life, which I wrote about last week.

Powerful vignette from This Is Us


Last week, Jack was having a heart to heart with his adopted son Randall (one of the triplets), and I couldn’t help but feel compelled to pass this message on to you too.

“You’re going to find your balance.

And you’re going to lose it.

…then find it again.

That’s the ride.

And you’re going to make a lot of choices.

And I’m probably not going to be around for all of them.

The choices you make are going to be spectacular,

…because of you.

You are spectacular because of who you are.

Own it.

Run with it.”

This Is Us: Season 2 Episode 10… Jack talking to Randall.

Take that in…

We talk a lot about aligning with the external circumstances in our lives, and not enough about aligning with the magnificence of who you are.

That’s the invitation.
Own it.
Run with it.

Join me below and share your thoughts about how this lands for you. I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time…

Here’s to your success and inner peace and owning the spectacular-ness of who you are.

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