Are you embracing your humanity?

I see you. I see all your brilliance, potential and divinity. I see your humanity, your fragility, your vulnerability.

As human beings, we embody a full spectrum of qualities.

We all have strengths, weaknesses, clarity and blind spots. We make great choices, and mistakes. We’re instinctual, emotional, rationals and spiritual beings with both potential and limitations.

We love fully, yet sometimes close up. We strive for authenticity, yet simultaneously like to please others. We’re perfect, yet flawed. We have victories and wounds.

We are, oh so very human. Indeed, we are complex beings.

Are you embracing your humanity or resisting it?

As I mentioned in “Transforming Your Relationship with Overwhelm – Part 2,” I reminded you of the importance of self-compassion. I know, easier said than done at times. But it works when we surrender to self-love.

This week I wanted to share this video.  Listen carefully to the words.   It touched me deeply. It’s a poignant reminder of our humanity.  In this crazy world we live in, it’s easy to focus on pleasing others, and all that we’re capable of — which is A LOT.   However, acknowledging our vulnerability, imperfections and inevitable emotional crashes, as part of the human experience, can help us let go of self judgment and criticism from others.  And not have to be superwoman or superman in every moment.

Christina Perri’s – “Human”

Why has this song connected with millions? It’s likely not because we’re also wildly famous, have a perfectly shaped body, or have sold $3.8 million digital copies. If you have, congratulations!

I’d venture to say, she connects with the words of this song with a full heart, embodying her humanity with raw vulnerability. We all bleed, crash and fall apart. It’s okay. We’re only human.

What if you embodied this message? Can you love yourself fully in your humanity? You can. The question is… will you?

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