An Update from Israel!

Greetings from Israel!  Yes, I’m writing to you from Tel Aviv, as I peek out at the Mediterranean Sea and listen to the sounds of the city from my new little desk in our temporary apartment home. (The pic below was taken a few blocks from where we live).

America's Inner Peace Coach

About 11 weeks ago, we moved to Israel… yours truly, my husband John, 3 1/2-year-old twins Shanti and Riser, and our dog Cruzer.  The last several months have been quite an adventure.  We sold, gave away, donated and stored almost all our belongings, packed up the rest in 8 suitcases, 8 carry-ons, car seats and a stroller — and flew halfway across the globe.  As you might imagine, preparing for an international move and getting settled in a foreign country has been rather consuming.  We feel blessed to have this opportunity to live abroad and experience a whole other part of the world.  We’ve enjoyed SO many magical moments while here… yummy food, making new friends, exploring the city, hanging out on the north pier, and even took our first weekend away.

This is why you haven’t heard much from me in a while.

Of course, you know I’m all about finding inner peace anywhere, regardless of circumstance, right?  Well, the last many weeks have put my “beingness” to the test.  As if, having twins, wasn’t enough! LOL!  If you follow my updates on Facebook, you know what I’m talking about.  Getting settled in a new place, being sick for 4 weeks, mothering twin toddlers & transitioning to preschool, learning my way around a new city and country, continuing to run my coaching business, WHILE navigating in a brand new Hebrew speaking world has not been a breeze (even if it looks like it is!)  Plus, John has been working extensively!

America's Inner Peace Coach Kids

Especially in the early days, EVERYTHING was new. EVERYTHING was a head-spinning challenge.  Even the simplest of tasks were daunting beyond words… because, well, frankly, they WERE daunting!  I couldn’t even figure out how to turn on the stove at first, let alone the washing machine, TV or heater.  Even now, I’m presented with new challenges daily. And I take them ONE at a TIME.   And I laugh a lot at how incompetent I feel in the face of my next task. Then I celebrate when they get accomplished.  I still find grocery shopping stressful (most everything is in Hebrew), though now I have a good feel for what is available and what is not — and where to get what. I’m moving through the learning curve.  I ask for help more than ever, and am grateful for everyone — including strangers on the street — who are SO willing to do so!

My primary mode of transportation is walking… rain or shine.  And, I’m elated when I get the car once a week to buy groceries at the bigger stores, instead of schlepping lots of bags home for several blocks (which I’ve done numerous times!).  Typically, I walk the kids and Cruzer to preschool each morning —  stop by the dog park on the way back and then walk back to fetch the kids in the afternoon. 🙂  It’s a 15-minute walk each way.  Collectively I get in a good hour of walking daily — up and down the Yarkon River — unless I’ve got other places to go… then my legs get more exercise 🙂

inner peace coach children

I love the convenience of walking to get the things we need, one of the advantages of living in the heart of Tel Aviv.  But, I also miss many of the conveniences of the USA… like, food labels I can read and being able to clearly communicate and be understood by most everyone in day to day life.

inner peace coach signs in Isreal

As a Type A business owner and mother of twins, I thought I knew what overwhelm was. But, no.  LOL!  I understand new levels of overwhelm and have new levels of compassion for those struggling with countless, simultaneous challenges.  Especially those who don’t have easy access to their inner peace.

But, through it all, I’ve remained committed to finding my new FLOW. It has taken a lot of experimenting, and noticing, and experimenting, and noticing.  Oh, and lots of surrendering to what is — and what isn’t.  And letting go of attachments.  I have a lot to say about attachments. LOL!  I also lean on my sense of humor daily 🙂  I’ve learned, it’s so much more enjoyable to view life circumstances as a sort of comedy versus some kinda dramatic saga.

All that being said, I’m truly LOVING my crazy new life here in Tel Aviv.  And I’m loving Israel.  There is a lot to love here… the people, culture, food, weather, history and new friends from around the globe.  It’s been a rich experience, and I’m looking forward to more of it.

inner peace coach husband

I have dozens and dozens of new distinctions about finding, keeping, and deepening inner peace in any moment, regardless of circumstances.  I also have new depths of compassion for how painful it is to not have access to one’s inner peace.  I’m more committed than ever to supporting you in having easy access to your inner calm.  So, expect to hear from me more often.

Why Israel?

No, we’re not Jewish. If you’ve been part of my community for a while, you know John’s company skyTran created a partnership with an Israeli Aerospace company to build the first certified skyTran system.  It’s point to point transportation in 2 person vehicles on an elevated guideway. An innovative solution to address the biggest traffic, pollution and safety issues related to moving around via cars.  In July, skyTran received funding from Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google.  And there are cities across the globe with interest in bringing skyTran to their communities. is where you can learn more about the future of transportation.  It’s incredibly exciting!

skyTran - inner peace coach husband

What’s Mary up to?

Throughout this entire journey, I’ve continued to support my one-on-one coaching clients each week.  Thanks to technology, my clients call a USA number that finds me in Israel.  I’ve even taken on several new clients seamlessly, since the move.

If you’re wanting personal support, please seriously consider me as a valued resource.  As I’ve become more settled and the kids are in preschool, I’ve opened up 3 more spaces in my practice to support people like YOU.  If you’ve been itching to find the right support for your 2016 or already know you’d love to work with me privately for 2-3 hours a month, let’s schedule an Introductory Coaching Session.  CLICK HERE to learn more about how I work, and let’s talk if you feel guided to do so.  It always amazes me what we can accomplish in ONE hour, and more amazed what we can accomplish over 90+ days together.

I can help you expand your business, figure out “what’s next?”, enjoy more inner peacefind your personal flow, lose weight, get fit, write a book, deepen your relationships — and more.  I may be one of the few coaches around who can effectively support you in achieving your goals in ALL areas of life.  Of course, some of my clients choose a more singular focus.  It’s all about what’s most important to you!

America's Inner Peace Coach

Without all the help and guidance I’ve received over the past several weeks, I would still be struggling and feeling off-center.  You don’t have to do it all on your own… let me help!  I’m ready. Here’s what others have said about coaching with me.

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