Adopt An Emotion: Curiosity

This emotion breeds lots of surprises, and is more powerful that I ever imagined.  Curiosity is one of those emotions that can be “turned on” at any moment by asking a simple question of inquiry. All one really needs to experience “curiosity” is a willingness to do so.

Definition: “a desire to know or learn; a desire to know about people or things; an object that arouses interest”

Curious Questions – What’s really going on here?  What haven’t I noticed yet?  What don’t I know yet about this person?  What can I learn here?  How can I make this experience more_____?  Am I really right?  Is this judgment I have right now really true?

Curiosity opens the mind to something new.  Something to learn, a new experience, a different way of looking at something.  And, when we “get curious”, it’s hard to hold onto “judgment”.  Judgment is an attachment to a thought.  Curiosity loosens the hold on it, and judgment often can’t exist at all when curiosity is present.  At the very least, you can become open to ADDING to your experience, thought, or judgment.  And, something added to something often becomes something else.  CURIOSITY is a powerful antidote to JUDGMENT.

SOULFUL CHALLENGE:  Adopt CURIOSITY for a week. Get curious about EVERYTHING and anything.  The people in your life.  Your work.  Ideas.  The bird flying overhead.  Yourself.  Use the questions above and make up others.  Notice how much more is available to you with this new friend called “curiosity”.

A Note about Questions.  Use questions that begin with WHAT or HOW.  Avoid using questions that begin with WHY.  “Why questions” tend to send people into an endless loop that may not have an answer, and may lead to confusion more than clarity.  WHAT and HOW questions offer a direction.

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  1. Shauna Smith

    Enjoyed this article.. I suffer from Curiosity all the time.. I always want to know more.. its kind of funny to me but annoying to others at times… lol When I was a child it was enormously annoying to my mother.. lol Anyway thanks for the article.. Have a great day


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