Monthly Archives: August 2012

Inner Peace Quote: Byron Katie

Who wouldn’t always say yes to reality if that’s what you’re in love with what could happen that I wouldn’t welcome with all my heart? I don’t know what’s best for me, or you, or the world I don’t try to impose my will on you or on anyone else I don’t want to change… Read more »

BEST LIFE: Going for the Gold

The Olympics is one of the most watched events worldwide.  Why is that?  There is something spectacular about seeing human potential stretched to its limits of what’s possible.   Excellence in motion.  And, while physical training is a key factor to success, it’s more than that.  There is unusual pressure that comes from performing in front… Read more »

Emotional Muscles: PLAYFULNESS

When you think of the word playfulness, what images come to your mind?  As we step out of childhood and mature, the emotion of “playfulness” can become a foreign concept to our nervous system.  However, it’s never too late to reclaim this emotion, and its ripple affect creates magic. The dictionary definition of playfulness: Full… Read more »