Monthly Archives: April 2011

Inner Peace with Momentum

“Momentum Mastery Monthly” for Conscious Achievers What makes the difference between those who make quantum leaps in their businesses, while SIMULTANEOUSLY enjoying a balanced healthy life, meaningful relationships and a peaceful inner world — and those who don’t? Most of us are starving ourselves from the support we need to fuel momentum in our lives…. Read more »

[Inner Peace Video] Christian the Lion

Love knows no boundaries. In 1969, John Rendall and Ace Berg saw a Lion cub for sale in Harrods. Cramped and lonely in a small cage, the decided to bring him home. Christian soon outgrew their home and John and Ace decided to reintroduce him to Africa. This is the story of their reunion.  Once… Read more »

Inner Peace – Adopt the Emotion of Peace

PEACE can be described as a calm, tranquil feeling that exudes an internal state that “all is well”.  Even in “turbulent” times, the feeling of peace can be cultivated by a knowing that “this too will pass”…and everything will ultimately work itself out. “Peace is aligning with ‘what is’, and not resisting it.” —Mary Allen SOULFUL… Read more »

Introducing our Golden Retriever Puppy Cruzer

Meet “Cruzer” Our Newest Family Member It was just THREE weeks ago when life changed as we know it. John and I are now proud parents of a little Golden Retriever puppy. This past Sunday marked “Cruzer’s” 11 week old birthday. This soft fur ball is our new joy. We say, “He’s SO frickin’ CUTE!”… Read more »

Inner Peace with Joy

JOY is truly one of my favorite emotions, isn’t it one of yours too? JOY is a state of happiness or an expression of delight. Kids have great access to this emotion, and as an adult, somehow JOY doesn’t always feel “appropriate”. That’s ridiculous. JOY can be brought to everything you do throughout the day…. Read more »