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Inner Peace Quote: Byron Katie

“If you want reality to be different than it is, you might as well try to teach a cat to bark. You can try and try, and in the end the cat will look up at you and say, Meow.” — Byron Katie

Inner Peace with Humility

Here’s an emotion I’m striving to embrace more fully, because I haven’t gotten it all figured out. Humility is a beautiful and powerful emotion, but perhaps misunderstood, overlooked or even avoided by the masses.  It is viewed as “weak” by some. Those that practice humility know its power and hold it as one of the… Read more »

Conversations with the Masters – Robert Augustus Masters

“Conversations with the Masters” Hosted By Mary Allen Robert Augustus Masters Author of 11 books, including “Spiritual Bypassing: When Spirituality Disconnects Us from What Really Matters”. Are you on a spiritual path? Do you want to learn how to recognize and transform the obstacles keeping you from living life fully? Are you ready to be brutally… Read more »

Inner Peace Quote: Mary Allen

“Stop for a minute, right now. Focus on your breath. Notice your chest rising and falling. Notice the sounds in the room. A clock ticking. The hum of your computer. Notice the screen before you. The colors, textures, shapes and font size. Allow yourself to relax even more deeply into that which is seeing, hearing… Read more »

Inner Peace with Integrity as Catalyst

Integrity has always been one of the qualities I admire and respect most in others.  The definition of integrity is: The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness. Simply put, someone who lives in integrity honors their personal values – actions and choices align with an internal code. There is nothing inside that… Read more »

Inner Peace Strategy – The Four Candles

The Four Candles – Author Unknown The Four Candles burned slowly. Their Ambiance was so soft you could hear them speak… The first candle said, “I Am Peace, but these days, nobody wants to keep me lit.” Then Peace’s flame slowly diminishes and goes out completely. The second candle says, “I Am Faith, but these… Read more »

Inner Peace and the Legend of 9D

I was granted permission to share this inspiring article, courtesy of Rob Shore, shorespeak Blog One of the perks of having dedicated 1.5 million miles to United Airlines is the ability to upgrade more times than not – a reward that I don’t take lightly in this era of packed flights, reduced services and full… Read more »

[Inner Peace Video] Secrets of the World Class

I’m a firm believer in this fact – How you think about yourself determines every outcome of your life. Today I want to share a very important short video to back up my thoughts on this concept. If you’re totally satisfied with your life, don’t bother to watch this 3 minute movie. However, if your… Read more »