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Inner Peace and Releasing Attachments

Inner Peace and Releasing Attachments In the world of inner peace culprits there are huge big ones like the death of a loved one, being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, or divorce (among others, right?!) My heart goes out to you if you’re dancing with one of these Olympic-sized challenges these days. Not easy-breezy by… Read more »

Inner Peace Quote: Oprah

“You never have to do anything. Don’t know what to do? Do nothing. I wait. And that has been a big lesson: to be willing, to be still with myself, and trust myself and my higher power to help me make the right decision. And to not feel pressured.” — Oprah Winfrey

Inner Peace and 6 Keys to Being CALM in the Eye of the Storm – #6. The Dance between Responsibility and Trust

6. The Dance Between Responsibility and Trust TRUST that what is to come ALWAYS serves the Greater Good. AND, as life is unfolding … take responsible action. We do the best we can in comforting a spouse, solving a problem, managing our day and defining a strategy.  Part of taking responsibility is also investigating your… Read more »

Inner Peace Infusion Retreat Home Study Bundle

How to Master Finding Calm in Any Moment I received lots and lots of emails from subscribers who wanted to attend my last Inner Peace Immersion Retreat, but had prior commitments, financial restraints, or otherwise couldn’t make the timing work.  Were you one? Well, you’re in luck! At the retreat, we unveiled the Inner Peace… Read more »

Inner Peace Retreat – Escape from Pre-Divorce Purgatory …

Hi Friends, I want to share this remarkable story with you… Last summer, one of my clients started the grueling and heart-shattering journey of divorce.  He moved out.  She sold the home.  Papers got filed … and virtually every encounter was like fingernails scratching a chalkboard, only more tearful.  Pre-divorce purgatory sucks, doesn’t it? In… Read more »

Inner Peace and 6 Keys to Being CALM in the Eye of the Storm – #5. Recognize and Anticipate the GIFTS and Perfection of your Current Storm

5. Recognize and Anticipate the GIFTS and “Perfection” of your Current Storm. Often times the greatest crises are the catalyst for remarkable growth.  There are gifts for us to embrace at every step along the way.  Is your business slower than you’d like? Perhaps the gift is extra time with the children or an opportunity… Read more »

Inner Peace with Jessica’s Affirmations

Everyone talks about the power of affirmations.  Of course, the real key is emotionally connecting to the words.  Here’s a great example of a young gal who is wholeheartedly giving it her all.  You’ll learn a lot from her.  And it may just put a smile on your face.