Monthly Archives: October 2010

Inner Peace with The Power of Inner Choice

Want greater everyday inner peace in your life? My book, The Power of Inner Choice: 12 Weeks to Living a Life YOU Love offers a personalized “inner peace guidebook” for coaching yourself to greater levels of awareness. Its powerful exercises allow you to INTEGRATE the principles in your everyday lives. The book is based on… Read more »

Inner Peace and Choosing PEACE as Your #1 Goal

As you read this, I’m in beautiful Joshua Tree, CA … conducting my Inner Peace Immersion Retreat.  If you were unable to join us, I wanted to share this inner peace gem … an article from my very early archives: Choose PEACE as your #1 Goal I’ve always been the achiever type, and peace or… Read more »

Inner Peace and Being a Conscious Entrepreneur

If you’re a conscious entrepreneur or know someone who is a conscious entrepreneur I am thrilled to share a special book for anyone who is ready to increase their commitment to running a conscious business. This book is sure to transform how people around the globe conduct business. It’s no longer business as usual. In… Read more »

Inner Peace Retreat – Feeling Overwhelmed?

Just as a reminder, the Inner Peace Immersion Retreat is NEXT WEEK! If you haven’t registered yet, consider this: The Inner Peace Immersion Retreat offers a sacred haven for you to: Awaken to a deeper experience of inner peace, accessing and expanding your reservoirs of peace (your radical awakening). Learn how to quickly return to… Read more »

Inner Peace While Climbing An 80 Foot Wind Tower

All year, my husband John and his colleagues have worked diligently on building an innovative new wind turbine. A couple weeks ago … while wine-tasting, we decided it was time for the “wives” to come see where our husband’s have been toiling. I’ve heard stories about the wind tower swaying in the wind, 100+++ degree… Read more »

Inner Peace with 3 Keys to Living "Awakening"

How would you like to take an entire year off from your “regular” life to live “awakening”? (Think “Eat, Pray, Love” here.) If you’re like most people who have experienced awakening, or really want to, then you’d probably jump at the opportunity (I know I would!). But what if you can’t take an entire year… Read more »