Monthly Archives: April 2010

Inner Peace and the 7 Keys to Profound Happiness – #1 Weekly Check-Ups

Some days my happiness quotient feels like it’s sailing off the charts.  Maybe it seems I’m always rather cheerful.  Trust me, I’ve ridden my share of emotional roller coasters.  I’ve prided myself in being “very human,” which — in my mind — meant feeling every human emotion. But, maybe my husband is right.  Maybe HAPPINESS IS… Read more »

Inner Peace Tip #8 – How to Find Inner Peace When Being Reprimanded or Criticized?

No one “likes” to be reprimanded or criticized. But, it’s not the reprimand or criticism that interferes with inner peace; it is the resistance to the criticism that is painful!  So, instead of “resisting,” consider any reprimand or criticism as “feedback.” Find the 1% (or more) of truth in the words being shared with you…. Read more »

Inner Peace and Spring Cleaning – Move 21 Items

Feeling stuck? In a holding pattern in your work, health or relationships? Are you ready to “stir up the energy” and create some momentum? Here’s a simple assignment that will help you “unclog”…and get the energy moving in your life. SOULFUL CHALLENGE: Move 21 Items in your home or office. That’s it. Yes, it’s that… Read more »

Inner Peace Tip #7 – How Do You Maintain Inner Peace When You Have Someone in Your Life Who is Interfering with That?

Your inner peace is a function of what is going on inside of you and is independent of others behaviors, words or emotional reactions.  If I’m clear that I’m whole, complete and grounded in my body, then how can someone truly interfere with my inner peace? Remember three things: In any situation, you can always… Read more »

Inner Peace Tip #6 – How to find Inner Peace When Constantly Bombarded with New Information

The “information age” has made it ridiculously easy for individuals to transfer information freely, and sometimes it is just “too much!” I’m sure you can relate.  Fortunately, you are at choice (even if you forget sometimes.) Just because information is coming at you, doesn’t mean you need to absorb it all now. 1. Become CLEAR… Read more »

Inner Peace… in the NOW

Finding Peace in the NOW… Monday, April 5th was my birthday. Typically birthdays are a day to take-off work, get a facial, pamper oneself and bask in celebration…right? Well, sort of. This year’s birthday came in the middle of LOTS of projects coming to fruition. Launching a 5-city tour, 4 JV calls next week, introducing… Read more »