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5 Indisputable Reasons to Make ‘Inner Peace’ Your Predominant Way of Being

When you get sucked into the vortex of inner turmoil, how long does it take you to return to your “peaceful power?”  Perhaps the bigger question is, “what is it costing you when you’re not resting in inner peace?  How does any version of “inner turmoil” (subtle irritation or big stress) impact your life? There… Read more »

Inner Peace Moments: Special Days

We have birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays to celebrate.  But, wouldn’t it be nice to be honored on just an “ordinary” day?  It’s fun to GIVE, and it’s fun to RECEIVE.  The Mullin Family created a unique way to do this.  Last week happened to be Jim’s “special day.”    Here’s how it works.  First off,… Read more »

Hugs Movement

Over 59 Million people have seen this video…have you? Just spoke with three colleagues who hadn’t! It warms my heart every time I see it…ENJOY! Five weeks ago, John and I were in Times Square in New York City for my Awakening Beyond Achievement event — and a big smile came across my face when… Read more »

Personal: Reminiscing About “Big Hair Days”

A few weeks ago, I flew to Dallas to reconnect with my work colleagues from 20+ years ago. My first real job was with “Technical Recruiting Associates”. Yes, for the first four years out of college I was a “headhunter,” finding top-notch computer programmers for my favorite clients, including Price Waterhouse, IBM and American Express…. Read more »

Inner Peace: Weed-Eaters, Chainsaws & Tree Shredders

Perhaps you’re anticipating a brilliant article about how to find inner peace when the harsh vibrations of weed-eaters, chainsaws and tree shredders invade your neighborhood…and your eardrums. Well, America’s Inner Peace Coach cries “Uncle” in a sigh of defeat. I am humbled. Helpless in my human reaction. In the face of THIS “inner peace culprit,”… Read more »

Inner Peace Moment: Sack Lunches

On Friday, I’m leaving for Texas to visit my brother Bill and his family. My brother is a Major in the US Army, and heading back to Iraq for his second tour in January. When I read this…I immediately wanted to share it here. I don’t know who wrote this…but, perhaps it will stir some… Read more »

Inner Peace: My Favorite!

When I attended Byron Katie’s School years ago, I was introduced to the following piece. It’s still helpful in creating little “inner peace moments.” Hearing this read out loud created quite an impact. However, I’m trusting you’ll get the point as poignantly as I did. READ S-L-O-W-L-Y. Below are two excerpts. On from the “life… Read more »