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The Hidden Key to Realizing Your Goals

Later this week, we’re flying to North Carolina to visit my father. It’ll be our babies first flight.  Gulp.We’ve already got little gift bags for our seat mates  alerting them that this is the twins first flight and “thanking them in advance for their patience and support.”  Fingers crossed! How many times do you set… Read more »

Emotional Muscles: LOVE

This is truly one of the great emotions in life, isn’t it?  The word LOVE is used in numerous ways to capture that special connection that ties us all together as human beings, and to everything we have an affinity for.  In our purest state, I believe we love everyone and everything in this world. … Read more »

Emotional Muscles: PLAYFULNESS

When you think of the word playfulness, what images come to your mind?  As we step out of childhood and mature, the emotion of “playfulness” can become a foreign concept to our nervous system.  However, it’s never too late to reclaim this emotion, and its ripple affect creates magic. The dictionary definition of playfulness: Full… Read more »

"Real Weight Loss for Real People" by Mary Allen

Many people struggle with weight loss, it can be overwhelming and confusing.   Yet, dozens are losing weight in a variety of healthy ways.  What makes the difference between success or failure when it comes to weight loss?  Let’s take a closer look. Recently, I’ve crossed paths with several people who

"The Dance of Control" by Mary Allen

How many things in your life do you attempt to control?  Schedules.  Time.  Relationships.  Children. Money.  Business transactions.  Performance.  People’s opinions and beliefs about you.  Your emotions. Others emotions. Your thoughts.  Creating more fulfillment.  Clutter.  Reducing stress.  Outcomes.  Your health.  Your environment.  Your future. Some may argue about the value and necessity of control. If… Read more »

"Your Circle of Influence: What is their impact on your life?" by Mary Allen

As human beings, our lives are shaped and influenced by a myriad of factors, and relationships is at the top of the list.  Think about how much of “who you are today” was influenced by a specific parent, sibling, relative, teacher, coach, neighbor, author, speaker, boss, co-worker, spouse or friend.  Values, habits, behavior, knowledge, skills,… Read more »

The Importance of Celebration

Have you ever achieved an important goal or dream, yet quickly moved on to the next task?  Or maybe you boldly took a risk, yet your performance didn’t meet your expectations or others?  Or maybe the perfectionist in you felt the accomplishment wasn’t big enough or worthy of celebration?  Do you generously celebrate your wins?… Read more »

Adopt An Emotion: Curiosity

This emotion breeds lots of surprises, and is more powerful that I ever imagined.  Curiosity is one of those emotions that can be “turned on” at any moment by asking a simple question of inquiry. All one really needs to experience “curiosity” is a willingness to do so. Definition: “a desire to know or learn; a… Read more »

Inner Peace with Compassion

How can you respond “at the highest energetic level” when someone is frustrating you? Being unresourceful? Hurting you? Being difficult or pissing you off? The answer is… with “compassion”. Compassion is “understanding” and “accepting” where another person is emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually.  And, with greater understanding and acceptance comes greater tolerance. It doesn’t mean… Read more »